What you need before you begin:

You will be asked to answer questions about your personal and medical history, family medical history, medicines you are taking, specific symptoms of your disease, and your daily habits.

Step 1: Agree to participate

When you click the Join RADIANT button below, you will be taken to a consent form where you will confirm you want to be in this study. We will also ask you for your name and a way to contact you.

Step 2: Tell us about yourself

You will need to complete our online screening form so we can begin learning about your diabetes.

Your physician may assist you with this form if you have questions.

Step 3: We will contact you

You will be notified of your status and if any additional tests are needed to complete your enrollment.

Several factors determine your suitability to participate in our research.

You may be offered enrollment if you've been diagnosed by your doctor with diabetes, but do not fit the usual pattern of either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

This may include the following characteristics or symptoms:

  • Type 2 diabetes diagnosed in a child before the onset of puberty
  • Type 2 diabetes diagnosed in a person of any age who is not overweight
  • Strong family history of diabetes in multiple generations, especially with early onset (<18 years old)
  • Diabetes involving multiple body systems (syndromic)
  • Diabetes together with very abnormal cholesterol or lipids and unusual distribution of body fat (lipodystrophic)
  • Extremes of body weight (very slender or very obese)
  • Diabetes affecting body functions such as muscles, hearing, that suggests the mitochondria (“Mitochondrial” characteristics)
  • Diabetes that remains stable over years (Non-progressive)
  • Diabetes that progresses very rapidly (“fulminant”)
  • Low or no insulin requirements (<0.5 u/kg/day) after two years diabetes duration
  • Diabetes that appears to come and go (Cyclical hyperglycemia with periods of remission)
  • Lean persons with diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • History of gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant) (GDM) when lean
  • Lean persons with high insulin requirements and/or skin changes suggestive of insulin resistance
  • Negative diabetes autoantibodies
  • Evidence of beta cell function, that the body is still producing insulin, more than two years after diabetes diagnosis (you may need have a blood draw to determine this)
  • If you have had one or more episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) but have been told you do NOT have type 1 diabetes,
    OR if you have had one or more episodes of DKA but are currently not requiring insulin therapy

There are also factors that can exclude you from participating in our research. If you meet any of the below criteria, you may be not be eligible to participate:

  • High likelihood of typical type 1, typical type 2, known monogenic, or other known secondary forms of diabetes.
  • Those who do not want to have genetic testing.
  • Those who are have positive diabetes autoantibodies. (Participants with positive autoantibodies who also have atypical features, i.e. syndromic, strong linear family history of diabetes, may not be excluded.)
  • Women who are currently pregnant.

Applying to join RADIANT

At a minimum, you will be asked to provide your name and a method of contact. You will also be asked to complete around 20 screening questions.

Participating in RADIANT

You will be asked to do things such as complete surveys; measurements such as height, weight and blood pressure; and provide samples of blood for immunological and genetic testing. You may be asked to provide your medical and family history. (A comprehensive list of all tasks to be completed and a schedule of these tasks will be included when you join RADIANT.)

An "adjudication" committee of experts will review your test results and determine if your diabetes is "atypical" or "rare". If you do have a rare form of diabetes, you may be asked to provide some additional samples throughout the study. We will share the results of most tests with you.

This study has 3 stages, you may be invited to participate in one or all of them.

You may be asked to visit one of our study centers. RADIANT will pay for travel costs.

Your participation in RADIANT may last for several years.

What you gain by joining RADIANT

You may learn more about what type of diabetes you have and whether you have a rare or atypical form of diabetes. By participating, you will also be helping us better understand all types of diabetes.

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