Información para Investigadores

RADIANT is committed to maximizing its contribution to the greater scientific community. Beyond published findings, RADIANT may also offer researchers everything from methods and technologies developed on study to the actual data and samples collected from participants.

Data Assets

A variety of different data types will be collected as a part of RADIANT, including clinical data, genetics and metabolomics data, and laboratory data. The RADIANT Data Coordinating Center (DCC) manages, curates, integrates, and provisions these data assets for analysis by RADIANT and approved collaborators.

Data Sharing

RADIANT has adopted policies and procedures in support of its commitment to sharing data with the scientific community while also protecting the privacy of participants.

RADIANT has established procedures to submit data to the NIDDK Data Repository in segments that reflect study progress. Access and availability of data submitted to the NIDDK Data Repository is determined by the NIDDK.

RADIANT has also established a policy for the release of RADIANT data not in the NIDDK Data Repository. Please refer to the RADIANT Policy on the Release of RADIANT Data and the Data and Materials Distribution Agreement (DMDA) for more information. Requests for access to data not in the NIDDK Repository may be submitted from the community of investigators currently working on RADIANT or from others who would like to collaborate with RADIANT in accordance with this policy and DMDA. Collaborators (i.e. researchers who are not RADIANT Study Investigators) who wish to access RADIANT study data need to team up with a RADIANT Study Investigator willing to sponsor their research as described in the DMDA.

Ancillary Studies

Ancillary studies that complement the objectives of RADIANT and thereby enhance the value of RADIANT are encouraged. Researchers may submit ancillary study proposals to RADIANT for review in accordance with the RADIANT Ancillary Study Policy. Each ancillary study must be individually reviewed by the RADIANT Ancillary Studies Committee and approved by the RADIANT Steering Committee before its initiation.

Additional Documentation

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